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> Open Government releases writing in English from all corners of the world, and from all kinds of people – from profession academics to PhD trainees, authors of prominence to aiming reporters, agents of global NGOs to formerly unheard voices from worldwide.

> All our authors have their own Open Government bio page, with as much info as they wish to supply.

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The best ways to make an unsolicited submission:

> Please try and keep short article length to 800-1200 words

> Please acquaint yourself with our content. It works to check previous protection of the subject you are resolving, so your submission matches instead of replicates it.

> We do decline submissions sent out all at once to numerous publications, as we choose not to replicate product readily available somewhere else.

> Please inform us if your post has actually been released somewhere else, either on the internet or in print, offering links if possible.

> If you are reacting to a post released on our website, please think about publishing your action in our online forums, or as a talk about the short article itself.

A vast array of people posts in Open Government’s online forums and the best posts can be included on our FrontPage and in our email updates.

> We serve a worldwide audience. So, please prevent recommendations to region-specific arguments, organizations or artefacts without supplying a basic description for a non-regional audience.

> Please provide us with any links that supply context, description or additional reading for your piece.