What Is Certi-PUR Standard For Mattresses?

One of the frequently asked question about mattresses relates to CertiPUR certification. Therefore, you are not the only one wondering what the term stands for.

However, people hold so many myths about the term, which is not true. One of the myths hold that CertiPUR-US means the product has been proven pure. Other argue that CertiPUR-US means the product has organic origin.

If all these are myths then what is CertiPUR-US and why is it necessary? This is what we’re want to know. So keep reading to understand what it is.

Definition: CertiPUR-US standard is a certification process that allows people to buy foam products by assuring them that the foam products have been tested and certified to be made without ozone depleters, heavy metals, prohibited phthalates, formaldehyde, low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and BPDE in fire retardants.

Chiefly, this is the most comprehensive and strict certification process all polyurethane foam used in mattresses, home furnishing, upholstered furniture, crib mattresses among other accessory products, or even cabinet bed.

Foam producers must go through the entire certification process in the first year of production afterwhich they are required to go through the process annually in order tomaintain the certification for every type of foam they want to have certified.

To ensure foam producers do not beat corners in the production process, the CertiPUR-US program conducts random on-site checks.

Before foam manufacturers put the CertiPUR-US mark on polyurethane foam, they are first rigorous tested and certified by independent laboratories to be environmentally friendly. All these measures are put in place to ensure you get a good and quality night rest.

This certification label is a crucial consideration for all consumers who mind about their indoor air quality as well as chemical ingredients they expose their families to.

According to EPA, indoor air quality is one of the leading environment risks to human health and living in a home filled with allergens, PBDEs, VOCs among others puts the entire family at risk.

Notably, switching to furniture’s and mattresses made with CertiPUR-US certified foam materials will not completely eliminate the harmful products to your home, however it will stop you from bringing more to your home.

In fact, Switching to CertiPUR-US products is the best starting point to help you remove as many VOCs as possible.  All the same, the CertiPUR-US label may not be as many may think.

So let me say this straight that the fact that a mattress is labeled CertiPUR-US certified does not mean that it has zero trace of VOC, PBDEs, lead and mercury. These ingredients may still be there but in very low proportions that are considered not harmful.

But is it necessary?

Consumers who buy CertiPUR-US certified products enjoy many benefits such as;

  • Guilt-free rest
  • Peace of mind
  • Reduced VOCs
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Durability
  • Reduced PBDE in flame retardants


In recap, CertiPUR-US is a certification process that assures consumers of foam products that the product has been tested and certified to be free from ozone depleters, low VOCs, heavy metals, PBDEs and also durable.

Because poor indoor air quality is a serious threat to family health, CertiPUR-US products is the way to go. In the final analysis, mattresses bearing the CertiPUR-US label will give you a guilt free night rest as it is environmentally safe.

Besides, you are going to enjoy improved indoor air quality because the foam has low volumes of VOCs. Finally but not the least you’re assured that the mattress will last for some years before needing a replacement.

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